Cycle Formation Achats Exogènes – Vendre au NHS


Cycle Formation Achats Exogènes – Vendre au NHS

Objectif > Get an overview of the British healthcare system and its main actors
Understand how the NHS works and how is financed the innovation
Understand how to become a NHS provider Programme
Overview of health and care markets – Structure of the NHS – UK private healthcare – Regulatory frameworks –
Public contracts regulations, sign-off thresholds
Understanding the NHS Supply chain frameworks and procurement – Process to get access to NHS – Buying decision making process
New technologies and innovations – Accreditation process – NHS England’s Innovation and Technology Tarif/Payment Programmes – Adoption of innovation – Digital health
Case studies
Implications of Brexit

Informations utiles

  • 3 juin 2021
  • 09:00 - 17:00

  • Webinar
  • Formation
  • 600 € pour les membres
  • 600 € pour les non-membres


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