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PATHACOV is an Interreg FWVL project that aims to develop and implement an innovative methodology in the health field and in particular in the early diagnosis of bronchopulmonary cancers. The project will enable all populations on both sides of the border, regardless of socio-economic level, to have access to a simple, non-traumatic method for early detection of bronchopulmonary cancer and other human diseases.

The project is composed of multidisciplinary and complementary partners (clinicians, physicists, chemists, experts in electronics, sensors, and sensor integration) working together in the development and clinical application of an array of cross reactive sensors allowing for the identification of several key biomarkers in lung cancer.

This PATHACOV workshop is dedicated to lung cancer screening and the interest of volatile organic compounds (VOCs). PATHACOV partners will be pleased to welcome experts in cancer screening and VOCs but also to present their latest work on the development of an electronic nose.

The PATHACOV workshop will be held on September 5, 2022 in the Bruges Meeting and Convention Centre (BMCC – Beursplein 1, 8000 Bruges – Belgium), from 09.30am to 5.30pm.

Please find the preliminary programme as well as the registration link here:

Bruges Meeting and Convention Centre Beursplein 1 Bruges 8000


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